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Ivano Turelinckx is the new head instructor for Doce Pares Eskrima World Concept and Jeet Kune Do. -more information here-
Doce Pares Eskrima Europe
  Street Knife Fight Seminar with Frans Stroeven
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Knife Day ! 2010 with Frans Stroeven
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Doce Pares Italy is growing large!


Doce Pares Italy is growing large!

Eskrima in Italy is getting more and more popular. Frans Stroeven visited Italy (Naples) together with his partner Bram Hoogendoorn conducting seminars and an instructor course.

The seminars were a big success with a lot of very excited participants and the instructor course had far more applications then places available. Therefore a new instructor course will start in Milan.

All this success is thanks to our representative for Italy Antonio de Vito. Because of his big efforts Doce Pares is growing very fast in Italy!

If you are also interested in seminars and instructor courses conducted by Frans Stroeven, leader of the fastest growing Doce Pares organization in Europe, do not hesitate to contact him and join the organization! -contact-

New Doce Pares eskrima dvd with Frans Stroeven. Euro.35,-

NewNew Doce Pares eskrima dvd with Frans Stroeven. Euro.35,-

Frans Stroeven shooted with the famous company Budo International a new eskrima dvd.

This tape include
- disarming techniques,
- blows sequences,
- control locks,
- Espada y Daga,
- knife against knife,
- pangamot etc.

This dvd is an collectors item for each eskrimador.


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Doce Pares Eskrima Europe
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