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Ivano Turelinckx is the new head instructor for Doce Pares Eskrima World Concept and Jeet Kune Do. -more information here-
Doce Pares Eskrima Europe
  Street Knife Fight Seminar with Frans Stroeven
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Knife Day ! 2010 with Frans Stroeven
World Tour 2011
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World Tour 2011
  Agenda 2011
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Frans Stroeven World Tour Seminars 2011

In 2011 Frans Stroeven will start again a world tour to give everybody a chance to get to know his Eskrima. Are you interested in a dynamic Eskrima seminar with stick, knife, empty hand and much more.
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Frans Stroeven World Tour Seminars 2010

During the past 25 years a lot has changed within our organization. From a small trainings group in Utrecht, the Netherlands to one of the fastest growing organization in the World of Eskrima. Besides Europe we now also have representatives in the Middle East and in North and South America.

Influences from different styles, modern concepts, developments in today’s society and our unique view on the Art of Eskrima has helped evolve our style in such way that it has clearly started to separate it selves from all existing Doce Pares styles.

Therefore we have chosen to change the name of our organization. From now on we will go by the name of:


DOCE PARES: for this shall always be our bases
ESKRIMA: for this is what it is!
WORLD: because of the representation on the different continents
CONCEPT: for our openness for improvements and adaptations, the original concept of Doce Pares!

Doce Pares Eskrima Europe
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